The Support Item changes: Good or Bad?

Over all opinion: Good! While yes, the removal of Coin is a bit of a bummer, the over all changes to the support items ties in well with the changes that will be happening in the map thanks to the increase in ward capacity for supports, allowing support players to better compensate for their teams usually crappy ward scores. Many people think that now that Targons can be procked by ranged champions that it will be abused, but they've overlooked the change that has been put in place that reduces the over all gold income gained by consecutively attacking minions, making it extremely disadvantageous to bring it into lane for anyone that isnt a support as you'd basically have little ways to be aggressive or even defensive, thus leading you to ultimately get easily punished in lane. These changes will allow supports to feel more in-tune with the game as it will bring about a more aggressive play-style that Coin normally discouraged and bring more impact for supports especially in terms of map vision and control. Not to mention that these changes will also allow more support champions to be brought into the meta, rather than always seeing Janna, Lulu and Zarya.
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