Another nerf hits mages/enchanters directly by nerfing them and indirectly by nerfing their items It's like mages needed to be any weaker than they already are, here are some examples: Syndra? Literally one of the worst winrate (below 47.5%) in the history of middle champs, the fact that she never climbed over the 50% winrate speaks for itself, and she is one of the biggest users of Archangels Staff, it's like she needed anymore nerfs to her early gameplay. Orianna? currently below a 49% winrate, and she is a HUGE user of Archangels staff, she needs to spam abilites to be even able to clear a single wave of caster minions, let alone kill a champion. Ryze? I know for a fact that if I get a Ryze in my game he will feed, and now with the nerf to his main item, he's going to feed even more, also, horrible winrate. Azir? Another case of LCS-itis nerfitis, great in pro-play, awful in normal play/soloq, literal 45%, with thse new nerfs, he will go even lower. Sona? Another nerf hits her hard, after the nerf to her main runes (Aery, Manaband Flow, Scorch), might as well never play her again, literally one of the most nerfed champions there is (Q nerfed, W nerfed, E nerfed, mana costs always increased), plus, she never gets "compensations" buffs like some other champs (mainly ADCs and Assassins), maybe because she's a mage and Riot doesn't give a fuck about them, because they're not like the vocal majority., and now with these new nerfs to literally all of her main items (Spelltheifs, Archangels) she will be weaker than ever, you can barely keep healing your ADC in lane, let alone poking or trading, you will run out of mana with just a 2 rotations of Q W now. Lux? I can't even begin to start with her, awful mana management, one of the worst early game mages and her mana hungry playstyle isn't helping, her winrate is WORSE THAN SYNDRA, imagine that, basically she has 0 mana after 1 or 2 rotations, this nerf is not helping her at all, might as well never play her again. Vel'koz? literal 45% winrate, probably the lowest winrate in all of the game, the fact that support Vel'koz is more viable than middle Vel'koz speaks for how mages are just weak and unable to do anything, and guess what? HE IS ONE OF THE BIGGEST USERS OF ARCHANGELS STAFF. Viktor? Does anyone even play him anymore??? Awful winrate, 46.5%, even Viktor's biggest main said he didn't want to play him anymore because "he actually wants to climb out of low platinum" I mean if that doesn't say he's weak and in awful position, I don't know what does, and with these new nerfs he might as well find a new main, because Viktor is probably beyond weak this point. Diana? 48% winrate, weak both early game and mid-game, she needs to scale, with these nerfs there will no longer be a late game because the game is probably going to end faster than she can cast 2 abilities. Karma? 47% winrate lmao, she is very mana hungry early game and needs mana to constantly pump out abilities, with the nerf to her main mana regen item (Spellthiefs), her winrate will drop even more and she won't be able to cast out more than one rotation on lane without going out of mana. Ziggs? He needs to constantly be pumping out Q & E to clear waves and he has low CD high mana cost, so he needs a huge amount of mana to be able to clear waves let alone trade/poke in lane, as he will be obliterated by the manaless, cd-less and constantly buffed assassins, also, his main item, Archangels, got butchered early game, so he is legitimately fucked. And don't forget the nerf to Manaflow Band and the previous nerf to the shield of Archangels, the only thing that could possibly help any mid mage clear a wave let alone trade in early game, now it's gone and mages are hit with an even bigger nerf to their early game. Enjoy the nerfs, just because one champion is problematic in pro-play (Ryze), doesn't mean you have to ruin the game for everyone else who wants to enjoy the game, play middle isn't even enjoyable anymore, and with this nerf coming, might as well close middle lane and make it 2 top 2 bot and 1 jungle. Mana hungry support champs also got a smack right to their face with the nerfs to THEIR MAIN MANA REGEN item early game, Spellthief's mana regen got cut BY HALF, meaning you'll probably have to wait for probably 5 minutes before being able to cast another spell, and 5 minutes more to cast another spell. They also nerfed every rune mages use, Presence of Mind butchered, Manaband Flow is beyond useless now, Aery GUTTED to oblivion, damage output butchered and shield ratio butchered as well, Comet got gutted as well, SCorch got gutted her and most of it's damage is decreased in every level, every rune that mages used got gutted and now their items are getting gutted as well, guess this is "balance" for mages. Where are the "compensation buffs" these mage champion should be getting? Literally Kha'zix drops 1% in his winrate and he gets a shit ton of "compensation" buffs just because one of his items got nerfed, same goes to Zed, also, Kog'Maw (remember when he was slightly weak for one week before getting re-buffed in a hotfix? Lol I do), but mages? They can fuck right off for all riot cares. Thanks for reading.
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