How does something like reworked Garen get through to live?

This champ is so disgustingly broken that the only counterplay to him as a melee champ is to sit under turret until laning is over. He has a 54% win rate atm, how is this broken shit not hotfixed? He's literally strong than 90% of top laners from level 1, still outscales them while having a 1500 damage point and click true damage nuke in the late game, all while being super tanky and taking 0 skill or brain power to pull off. Balance team is an absolute joke... and it's not even just Garen, you have stuff like Vlad, Khazix, ekko, Fiora, and reworked shaco who are absolutely broken to high fuck and still not nerfed, while being 100% pick ban in diamond+ games. How can this game seriously be so hard to balance when these disgusting champs just sit here for weeks on end, while being blatantly broken that they make champs like Morde, Darius, and Jax look weak. This isn't even mentioning champs like Aatrox who get gutted to troll tier in soloqueue because they are picked in LCS too much(who the fuck actually cares about pro balance?).
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