Unpopular Opinion: Mages aren’t that op

“Void staff gives 40% magic pen” “Mages get so much cdr” “Mages have too much burst” “Mage items are too cheap” All correct. Mages are easily the strongest right now. Why? Magic resistance sucks We have spirit visage, adaptive helm, abyssal mask, and gargoyle stone plate (technically) for items that give magic resistance and health. 4 items tanks and bruisers can buy to fight against mages. What item gives the most magic resistance? Banshees veil. An ap item that gives a spell shield. Magic resistance tank items are pretty underwhelming. Take my favorite champion: Shen. He can’t buy abyssal because it gives mana and that is a waste on him. He has no healing (rip vorpal blade) so spirit visage passive isn’t effective on him unless you have a healer on the team. You can go gargoyle stone plate, except it just isn’t good. So you have adaptive helm left. Big problem with that: taking 20% less damage from a spell when it hits you again within 4 seconds isn’t good at all. Hiemer turrets are less damaging I guess. Teemo shrooms are less of a issue. Karthus just does 20% less damage with E and Q. And that’s all the ones I can get off the top of my head. For every other mage they kill you with 1 use of each spell, so the passive is useless. There are not enough defense magic resistance items. AP items have so much diversity, but tank items are left in place he dust. Now Zzrot is getting removed so goodbye another defensive item for tanks. But it’s not just tanks that suffer lacking magic res items I feel so bad for ADCs. Phantom dancer and maw are pretty much a necessity against burst mages if you want to live past 4 seconds into a fight. Build diversity is slowly dying as riot removes more items than they make. My biggest problem is that riot is removing zzrot for not being used, but Shurelyas gets a rework for not being used? Ok riot.
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