Fact and fiction: Mana changes

Myth: Doran's ring start mages are outright nerfed. Dorans ring is bad in general now Fact: Ignoring the very welcomed +5 damage to minions, no, doran's ring start was not nerfed. - 5 mana per 5 seconds is much better than 4 mana per minion kill. With perfect 10 CS/min this is 4 mana per 6 seconds. But that's not all, this single change has a huge impact past just the numbers - It is no longer a unique passive (by the way, the minion damage isn't either lol). With two doran's rings you get better trading through health, better minion pushing WITHOUT mana through minion dmg, and then on top of that mana regen that is fully efficient. There IS a tradeoff before anyone lists the disadvantages of stacking items that are purely laning phase oriented and don't build into anything then says my entire point is false - It is no longer tied to minion kills. This gives mages in supp and jg more choices in terms of power spikes and sustain. It is more than possible for a jg mage to go talisman -> doran's rnig -> lost chapter (but even before this change, screw runic echoes it's useless) - Continuing with this, mid mages are now better when playing safe since conceding CS is not nearly as bad as it is when it's no longer screwing over your mana regen - Assuming you get perfect CS it is 3.333 + 50% of your base mana. Mana regen at level 1 has approx increased by 33%. Your mana regen growth is seriously minuscule at early levels (keep in mind growth statistic is not the actual stat gains per level, but an average. Lvl 1->2 gives approx 50% of the growth statistic and lvl 17->18 gives approx 120%.) so it will be well past laning phase when your mana regen is nerfed. Anyways good luck maintaing that perfect 10 CS/min (jg camps don't count btw) with the ADC getting priority on all the income. --------- Myth: All mana for mages has been nerfed with no compensation. Fact: There's a lot to unpack here, from itemization to base stats so I'll try to do it in several chunks, but this is seriously just intentionally ignoring any good change to monger fear. Read. Mana increase at level 1. In all seriousness though people are probably aware of it but have no clue of the extent of the changes (so assume it's barely anything) because no one has time to do math, which is understandable. Looking through the list and looking for the highest mana growth nerf, there's is cass (tbh there might be a bigger mana pool nerf somewhere but I'd have to put it to wolfram or smth to compare the base buff with growth nerf. Too lazy) and for lowest, TF Cass 334 -> 418 63 -> 31.5 84 mana buff at lvl 1 451 mana nerf at lvl 18 TF 266 -> 333 38 -> 19 57 mana buff at lvl 1 266 mana nerf at lvl 18 Oh by the way if you don't like archangel's like me and like Luden's and GLP, minus 100 from that 'nerf at lvl 18'. More on it later. (As a rule of thumb these look like nerfs past lvl 11-13, keeping in mind growth statistics have a lower effect on earlier levels) Then don't forget base mana changes Now, onto items with mana: - Doran's ring is slightly nerfed not considering base mana changes, unless you're not playing perfectly like the challies in elo hell we all are in which case it's almost always a buff. More on that above - Tear is outright nerfed, as well as Archangel's. More on that later. - The other lost chapter items and lost chapter itself buffed in general but there is a bit of a nerf that's hard to notice. - 100 mana buff to Luden's and GLP to offset base stat changes. Total cost of Luden's down by 100. Damn Luden's is looking nice, but combine cost is up by 100, more on that next point. - Lost chapter increased by 200 gold but AP increased by 10, mana restore doubled (but this is only in PBE notes by surrender at 20, so it's likely temporary but very welcome). - The 10 AP for 200 gold is 1 AP for 20 gold which is slightly more efficient than the 1 AP for 21.7 gold by amp tome. However, price increases are not as simple as an efficiency check, they require longer lane staying before back (more mana at level 1 and less pressure to CS perfectly does help though) and all. I can't give the complexity of price increase the justice it deserves without making a new post but in general the higher combine cost and removal of amp tome from Luden's means more of your gold is 'in the bank' and not being used for stats. This actually makes GLP a very good competitor now in that it's a 'fast' and efficient item to rush at all parts since it's composed of low cost amp tomes AND only has a 450 combine cost! Probably one of the few items to beat the BS efficiency of the 450 IE combine cost, but glp was never popular in the first place so it's okay. Late game Archangel's, super strong item spike Luden's, efficient laning into strong mid game GLP, or extreme laning phase focus Doran's ring stacking? All the choices as opposed to dull "archangel's best" we've sat through since the AP item rework And let's not forget AP buffs in general, 5 AP to rylai's, a whole bunch of AP to Spellbinder, etc etc ------ Myth: Riot has a problem with mages having mana past laning phase!! Leave us alone! They're nerfing all our late game mana! Fact: This one is a very understandable one, I agreed until I went deep into the guts of these changes. I think Riot screwed up in this one with their terrible wording implying things they didn't intend. What Riot has a problem with is mages having too much mana to run out late game. "But TeCoolMage you boosted bonobo the end result is the same they're still gonna nerf all our late game ma-" *holds finger to confused reader* Shh Think about this: Have you ever gotten low on mana late game building GLP/Luden's? Or with GLP or Luden's have you ever held onto 300 mana and *not* used it until the ADC dared to step up and defy the superiority of mid lane mages as opposed to continuing to use abilities on the tank? For me on Xerath and Anivia, yes, at least. Now let's say you had 1400 mana on Seraph's instead of 500. Yeah you'd take a very long time to run out with the extra 900 mana. After looking through the numbers I'm pretty convinced: they're only nerfing very late game mana for Luden's and GLP, otherwise it's a hefty buff for most of the game (for both of these items in different ways). Tear/archangel's/Seraph's it's a nerf though, no denying that. In other words, Readers be like: "'We want to nerf mages since they have too much mana late game... (in general)' Nooo I'll have no viable options I have to build AD Crit now!" But Riot be like: "'We want to nerf mages since they have too much mana late game (when they follow the meta build of Seraph's)' okay balance team let's move tear's power into base stats, Doran's, Luden's and GLP, then let's make Statikk Shiv cost 5 more gold next patch so ADCs will have a harder time" Tear lost mana refund, Archangel's has missed out on the 100 mana buff given to GLP and Luden's, this patch the 3% mana to AP has gone to 1%, is Archangel's still good? Yeah it's still a 1400 mana item with 3% mana-AP if you fully stack it. Maybe it'll need compensation buffs. But now it's not a generalist mana item and instead has its niche. Remember old Morello's? 20% CDR, mana.. Yeah. Glad the choices are broader again from when we realized Luden's/GLP can't compare. Luden's and GLP have received buffs in total cost, better build paths, and other ways. ------ Myth: This is an indirect buff to assassin's laning phase, muh LCS. Fact: Well... Honestly I'd say the opposite. Or maybe it's not? Really it's playstyle, pick, and skill related! From the mage's perspective: Doran's is no longer dependent on minion kills, allowing for better harass. A lot of less skilled players can have a better time since juggling between harassing and CS perfectly is a skill that I think is difficult. In a way it allows mechanics to supplement decision making so one can prop up the other (and make you a better player) so people can stop being like "Oh I'm only silver because my mechanics suck I have the game knowledge of a challenger" (complete BS reason btw), which is pretty damn cool. You can improve your mechanics thus increasing the efficiency of your harass, both damage the enemy AND get the CS, or if you're not confident and see both a minion dying because you didn't set it up and the enemy putting themselves in a vulnerable position, you can choose the better of the two instead of being forced to take the minion because the potential mana cost makes it always the best choice. Or in other words, your low elo mages can harass you in lane more because them missing CS doesn't screw over their mana regen. That's more likely. However, mages will have to accept being zoned more readily before and at the assassin's lvl 6 power spike in your average rushing-Luden's scenario, even though they're 'buffed'. You have to clear an extra wave to get enough gold for Lost Chapter, which means you need to keep your health up to stay that long and therefore take less bad trades. Before you could back early and then buy yourself a null magic or cloth armour with your lost chapter to mitigate burst, now you have to back either a wave before that (100-250~ gold earlier) and buy only Lost chapter, or back a wave after (200 gold later). High risk, high reward I guess. Also, 100 gold combine cost increase so for a wave you're behind in terms of gold-used-in-stats. For GLP I'll have to admit it might be the opposite in that the combine cost lets you have a lot more stats as the enemy is turning lvl 6. More mana means more shoving, more trading, etc So for mages, you can play more passive, as aggressive play is riskier, or play more aggressive, as aggressive play is more rewarded (get a kill in lane or force a back to push XP and gold advantage pre-6? Now you get both the more efficient lost chapter AND burst mitigation for their lvl 6 power spike.) However, there's more space to control the wave with early game mana and autos do more damage to minions now. Which allows 'outplays' by bouncing the wave, freezing, etc, more easily Assassin's perspective (sorry if they're short, I don't play them much myself) Their late game is worse, I can abuse their mana problems more, even if it isn't like a huge difference. My Serrated Dirk is stronger than their lost chapter, my double longsword beats their tome and crystal, and they have to work harder to get it, although they still have the better tools to get it via range advantage and waveclear If they focus on harassing me instead of CSing I need to punish them by shoving/building a wave to bounce the wave back by level 6 if it's close, or I need to trade back with all my abilities since they need to back later, thus us being both low to the point we both need to back is a win for me if we get back before 6 plus enough time to make them low again (with my long sword vs crystal advantage) so I can dive as soon as lvl 6 hits It's near impossible for them to have boots, Lost Chapter AND a cloth/null as we hit lvl 6. So they'll be weak in sustain, roaming or trading, identify and abuse this weakness Are they doing things like double Doran's ring? I'll need to reread the red post but if the goal is to stop mages from dominating mid, they're probably doing it by making assassins compete late game (this stretches far back to lethality being stronger late game), and mages compete early game. So it's not 90% of one in x meta and 90% of the other in y meta, and instead relatively similar in either ------ **TLDR; Mana changes are directed at Seraph's being the new morello and 'practically manaless now' being the bar for 'viable mana item', NOT that mana in general is currently letting you spam or something, in fact most AP items have been buffed. Passively play is less punishing vs. assassins at first, but over passiveness can really mess up your ability to respond to lvl6 powerspike dive, aggressive play is more rewarding, but failing can really make it hard to get lost chapter on top of defensive components.** Pls discuss your thoughts below
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