Too many champions have the counterplay of "just don't be that champion vs them" now

If you play {{champion:77}} into {{champion:82}} you lose. Period. There is not one single thing you can do that game to beat him if he's with 5 kills of you. You just lose the matchup and you can go fuck yourself if you want to be able to do anything about it. Any tank at all into this garbage {{champion:67}} . You lose. You won't have any fun and you won't get to tank shit. {{champion:17}} into any melee without any ranged abilities ({{champion:82}} probably wins this match up too cuz why balance the game!). Bonus points if you rely on auto attacks! Why is this a thing? Because damage is too high so building defensively is never better than building damage. Ever. Period. You no longer can make meaningful choices with the items that you build. And if you try to you'll get fucked by something (conqueror, true damage, massive amounts of armor and magic dmg shred). We need more meaningful choices and the only way to do this is nerfing damage A LOT.
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