Please just listen to the request of a sad Jhin main

Hello random people around the world. I am here to talk about Jhin. The one, the only, Jhin. Now I am just going to come out and say it that Jhin needs nerfs. He sits at around a 15% play rate meaning he is in about 1-2 games out of 10 each time. Each time he becomes this either snowballing monster out of lane due to his high synergy with items and runes/masteries right now OR he falls behind and does not do much in the mid game besides be a root and ult bot from range for his team. I believe the biggest problem however, comes from his late game damage and move speed. Hell yea its fun running around the map being **the fast** but that in my opinion, should just be moving fast. Granting the ability to deal 600 damage in one auto and then run away to recharge rapid fire cannon and come back for an ass blasting is not enjoyable. You cant go in cause he kits you back, you cant run away because his range from RFC and long range abilities keep you down. Believe me, as a Jhin main I love this champion and I know a lot of the community does too and so does Riot. But honestly it gets to the point where I'm sick and tired of seeing him in I am in. So Riot, please just look into tweaking him down.
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