I Just Can't Find Sona Her Gameplay To Be Fun Or Interesting In Any Way

I tried her out in Odysseu or however it's spelled and she's just boring because pretty much all I can do is auto attack, Q is auto targeted, so is W and so is E, I could put up a macro that presses Q, W and E every 3 seconds and the experience for me would be exactly the same as if I were pressing the buttons myself, nothing feels fun or impactfull , oh squiggly line here, squiggly line there, oh slightly looking different autoattack here, ult there and back to right clicking we go and mind you this is in every game mode, whenever I get Sona in ARAM I reroll her right away because in that game mode you litterally can have a macro press W every 3 seconds and there's your real and genuine sona experience in ARAM right there, in SR she's boring, in twisted tree line, none of her abilities are fun. And yet I see people talking about how interesting her abilities are how incredibly fun she is to play to constantly be able to use abilities non stop and yet I can't imagine that in the slightest
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