Simple questions, would like community feedback.

1. Has anybody ever witnessed (feel free to paste links) somebody survive an ult from {{champion:105}} ? 2. Do {{champion:62}} and {{champion:59}} deserve attention from the balance team this season? 3. Is it unhealthy that allied minions can be used against you? Ever {{summoner:4}} away from {{champion:157}} only for your own minion wave to betray you? Ever lane against {{champion:13}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:518}} and realize it's safer to dodge skillshots in the open than to stand behind your minions? The worse case of this is seen bot lane when you have {{champion:21}} forcing you to stand adjacent to the minion wave when her support is {{champion:53}} {{champion:99}} or {{champion:25}} 4. Do you feel outplayed or cheated by champs {{champion:105}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:498}} having untargetability? 5. Are unique playstyles like {{champion:27}} actually healthy additions to League?
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