Either every champ should be allowed to go in 3 lanes or no champ should be allowed to go in 3 lanes

{{champion:157}} either nerf him/change him so he can play one lane or dont touch new spicy stuff like morgana mid,adc neeko, viktor top. overcome and adapt. If enemies pick adc neeko, pick an assassin into her and let someone like lucian go mid vs morgana. If enemies pick viktor top, pick something that counters viktor like ,-, an assassin or a mage with longer range and let your bruiser/tank go mid like lets say maokai, or irelia/jax. That is one thing i simply love about league. you can still find a hidden gem that is so overbearing in some lane that you either force riot to gut it or actually found a new meta. Its like season 1,2 people changed metas so often its insane. now we are forced into 1 meta and if we dare change that meta people cry for nerfs and riot are like "if its not yasuo, sure we gonna nerf it back into its lane but make it weaker than before". Like come on that logic just isnt right. Improvise,overcome,adapt. Not every comp must be 1 tank 1 mage/assassin 1 adc 1 support 1 something. why not let someone find lets say a 4 tank 1 adc comp that is really powerful yet to be discovered let it happen and let others figure out how to counter it like taking shredding adc's like vayne or something idk. all ima say is that is crazy fun tbh.
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