I don’t see a universe where Pyke is ever reasonable. He will always be too safe.

And this isn’t even beginning to tap into the conversation about the concept of a support having assassin tools, but the utility of a “soft engager.” In reality he does not really operate on any function other than going all-in, which there isn’t necessarily anything wrong with that since several supports operate as such. However, these supports do not have escape hatches should their engages go wrong. They also do not have a true damage executing alt. I know, I said I wouldn’t discuss the absurdity of the concept behind an assassin support - something that was obviously made to cater to 13 year old baby ragers who “can’t carry at all with support because they don’t do enough damage.” Just another example of riot simplifying the game through damage. I digress. Pyke is too safe. His slipperiness isn’t even necessarily his most absurd feature. His healing and ult are also candidates, next to the gold he generates (even if it comes with conditions, it’s an absurd concept: it absolutely guarantees snowballing). However he is able to freely engage upon you endlessly with impunity, and the moment you attempt to engage on him or counter engage, he gets to escape should he not like what is happening. This aspect is arguably a hallmark feature of assassins, but they do not generate their health back and have the ability to all-in you a few seconds later - if they take a bad trade, it’s usually for keeps. But Pyke ignores this basic principal of assassin balance, because he practically has to. Otherwise he couldn’t support. And when you put two and two together, you realize that an assassin-support idea should have never come to fruition. Lastly, do not take my word for it. Pyke is competing for being the most banned champion in the game, next to yasuo. He may have even surpassed it - that should say something.
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