CDR Starting Item (Doran's Amulet)

Got bored today. -- Doran's Amulet - Cost: 440 , Sell: 176 10% CDR - 317 gold value 8% Spellvamp - 220 gold value Unique Passive: Spell damage deals 10% of the spells base damage as bonus true damage. Gold Efficiency: 537 without passive -- Provides a temporary early-game solution for CDR which is usually only available after a back or when purchasing mana regen/AP items. Can be sold later in the game once you got actual CDR items. The spellvamp provides some pretty basic, ability-oriented sustain in lane. The passive is sorta phrased weird I guess, but the damage scales off of the base damage a spell does, not the total damage. That means at max level, Veigars ult will only ever deal 50 extra true damage. Kayle's auto's (with E active) will deal 3 extra true damage per hit. Seemed like a good balance of 'sorta-useful' without being overwhelming. Love it or hate it, like I give a fuuuckk :D Still, I think League could always, ALWAYS use new items! thas all folks, have a great day

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