Jungle Items should NOT reduce minion kill Gold

Farming is already an issue when you play Jungle, and now it's worse because you can't split push for farm anymore. So let me get this straight- CS walks right up to the laners, single file, weak as fuck, and practically sacrificing themselves to put money in the laners' pockets.. and laners can get away with farming full Gold from Jungle Camps .. But Junglers have to scavenge between camps wating full minutes for CS to respawn just to fight something that actually puts up a fight- meanwhile having to roam around and sacrifice farming to help the team- but them "stealing" a few minions is a problem? I play Rammus Jungle and a lot of the time I find myself split pushing because how incredibly quick he is pushing down lanes. The problem is I don't get paid to do it anymore. Minions are worth 4 Gold each. Then I help my lane get pushed, and try to go get some money but my team took my camps.. because they still get paid. So unless you're able to get into lanes and secure kills, you're always behind. Always struggling to find more CS, not able to come into lane because the lane opponent has almost twice the income. Junglers need to be allowed to farm minions for CS. If Top Lane afks guess what? We have nobody to cover Top because Jungle isn't wasting time @4Gold per minion.
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