Wait..... why is Riot ruining Shurelya's?

The Rise update to the item literally ruins the item both for nearly every Enchanter that would use it, AND for Mages who use it: New Shurelya: > Shurelya's has had a hard time finding users and overlaps considerably with Righteous Glory. We want to try and shift it to enchanter stats to create a new option for supports and leave tanks with Righteous as an option. > Updated Shurelia’s: > Forbidden Idol + Crystalline Bracer + 850g (total cost 2300g) > 300hp > 10% CDR > 100% health regen > 100% mana regen > 10% heal/shield power > Active: 40% movement speed for 3s for you and nearby allies (90s cooldown) I'm sorry...... but WHAT? 1) Righteous Glory only increases move speed toward opponents, and only for ONE CHAMPION. It is not a running feature AWAY, nor does Shurelya apply slows. 2) Most Enchanters would achieve greater heals/shields from the item maintaining its 40 AP, than from that friggin 10% boost (this is why AP Nami support with AP support items outcompetes builds that build pure utility, because her scaling with AP amplifies the higher it goes; Utility heals for about the same, but loses all its teeth offensively, yet for some reason people still believe in the pure utility build) -Sona would never buy this, because it doesn't scale her Q or E or R -Janna would never buy this, because it's losing move speed, and has no AP scaling. -Karma would never buy this, because it is neither tanky, nor AP scaling. -Morgana would never buy this, because she needs the AP, and only has one isolated enchanter function. -Soraka has no reason to buy this, because there are better items when building toward a Warmog's for healing application. I'm sorry Riot..... but when an item is relatively useless for the champ buying something, they generally won't buy it for the 3 second every 90 second feature. Meanwhile, I often built to AP version on Zyra, and sometimes Morgana, because it compensated kit weaknesses. Zyra could actually juke well if needed on Shurelya's. It paired decent enough with an Athene's (when needed) on Morgana. I find it ironic that: 1) Riot thinks base HP regen is a useful stat on enchanters who have the lowest base HP regen in the game. 2) They just removed a bunch of items they self deemed useless, and then create another useless item.
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