How do you deal with troll supports as adc?

**EDIT**: I don't mean to blame the darius supp for my bad performance. Basing on what and how that darius was wrinting in the lobby I recognized a potential troll who maybe would steal farm, kills and leaving me vulnerable to enemies. I had several games with a support like that, so I was just thinking ahead. Due to my wrong judgement I had a bad match. Is my fault, I know it and I am not looking for being pet or being blamed. That match just made me learn how biases based on bad games could effect negatively further games. I just would like to know what do you do when, as adc, you have a support that makes you wasting almost an hour of your time, nothing more. **Little story time** Some days ago I wanted to play mf adc after weeks of support playing. In the lobby pre-match the one that should suppose to be my support starts to be exuberant and a little aggressive. He was chatting with another team mate, so I supposed that when this guy took Darius he would swap with the other one and gg, but he didn't: his premade took yi jng, so I had Darius supp. That wouldn't be a problem if he didn't wrote 'at least I would feed as Darius' and generally being aggressive (but not toxic) about his opinions in the lobby. Ofc, I had a lot of supports playing a non support champions (like a Shaco) but not very often they were toxic on purpose tu make me tilt but from this Darius I didn't really what to expect. Would he last-hit all my cs? Would he let me die and take kills? Would he flame me for no reason? Maybe, or maybe not. So, to be provident, I took {{item:3308}} as first item, in order to get some gold if that Darius wouldn't make me farm. Turns out that he wasn't trolling, but' just' very salty. I was farming very bad because of the fear I had everytime he went close to the cs I was aa, so at 5 min I had about 16cs while my opponent had 40. Hell. Then Darius asked me why did I take {{item:3308}}, but on my answear he just said 'oh, poor kid'. Having 26 yo I felt very stupid. My 'mistake' was to not to trust my team mate remembering similar past experiences. Selling {{item:3308}}ofc didn't make me take over the match and be more useful, so I had one of my worst matches with mf since I got her the 7 mastery, but I can't blame me completely. Or should I? And you how did you manage a troll support as adc?

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