Honor System

This discussion is not about me raging or ranting about a riot employee, it is simply just to help players like me, have less trouble receiving harsh punishments in game towards honor level and rewards. To begin with, I am level 333, Diamond 4, I have played a huge amount of games since 2015, and have spent so much time and money towards this game and I have never been punished. On October 20th, I finished watching the worlds game, TL vs. IG, and after that I decided to play a ranked game. In the one ranked game, I had a jungler whos name was "NID OR OPEN MID" ragequit and left the game at level 4. I told my teammates that the game was pretty much over at that point, and I had given up completely. I do admit, I did trash talk the other players that did poorly on my team after that, but only because I felt that I was wasting my time just waiting to lose the game. After that game, I exited league and relaxed for a bit, ate some lunch and decided to get back online. When I got back on, I received a restriction on my account. Which said that I had been chat restricted for 10 games and my honor level had dropped to 0 . I honestly was pretty upset since I was so close to receiving honor level 5( My last checkpoint) for this season, and also it was my first time ever reaching diamond. I looked forward into receiving my rewards for this season. However this one bad game that I regret ever playing since then, ruined my chances for it all. I was told that I should submit a ticket since it was only one bad game I had, so I did. Their is only so much player support can do for me though. They can only share how it works and how it affected players accounts.The person who reviewed my ticket also agreed to me that the honor system was way too harsh, and he highly recommended me to make a post about it here. To whoever reads this, thank you, and please respond in the comments, I honestly don't know what to do next and I'm just pretty upset with the way things went for me and my account.{{sticker:sg-janna}}
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