Curiosity regarding player preference.

Hello! So i was browsing around for league related stuff when i came across the fact that Ashe has somehow become the Nr 1 ADC and is overall one of the strongest champs in the game as of currently. And i saw some discussion stating that Riot is pretty biased to not have announced plans to nerf her while they have done so for Garen, so i decided i wanted to ask a question which i think might be related. Do you find Ashe to be more or less of a pain to play against when she is OP, even as OP as she is now, compared to other champs when they are similarly strong? Like say Garen, kha6, eve or perhaps other marksmen like Vayne/Twitch/trist or kai´sa. Because truth be told i had no idea that she was OP until just a couple of minutes ago and that´s despite playing several games against her in recent time, and from what i know her banrates are really low even with her winrate and playrate being so high. I am actually wondering if she isnt actually surprisingly alright to play against even when doing too well since when another champion has these numbers people tend to flood the boards with calls for nerfs while their banrate skyrockets.

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