I am Garen's designated villain.

There's nothing i can do to remove this debuff other than die. No matter how i play, Garen can instantly kill me if i drop below 70% max HP. The villain debuff guarantees a 60% max HP true damage oneshot from Garen. Can this be done something about? There's no counterplay. No matter how hard i crushed Garen in lane, no matter how i have played in the past 30 minutes, Garen can instantly kill me by clicking R on me - an undodgeable, unblockable spell that does completely unmitigatable damage. I didn't pick {{champion:114}} {{champion:5}} or {{champion:80}} so there was never any counterplay. My team lost the teamfight and the entire game that we had been steamrolling from the very beginning because Garen (full tank) ignored everyone else and went directly for me, ulting me the instant my health dropped to 80% and killing me immediately. 1400 true damage. I haven't been tilted in league of legends for years before this. But seeing that this Garen, who spent the entire game BMing me in /all chat, get to win because he clicked one button - one that doesn't require timing, thinking or aiming in any way - and then proceed to BM me while my team blames me for dying - is the most frustrating thing i have experienced since the lethality meta in season 7.
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