Akali deserves compensation for her nerfs

I can understand making her visible in shroud when under enemy turret, but taking out her q heal. That’s legit the only way she can sustain champions like Yasuo or Kassadin. She deserves compensation if you’re gonna fucked her completely over. Give her Ult instant reset instead of making her wait 2 seconds for it to go off. Not very assassin-like if you ask me if executive Damage requires a wait time. The point OF an assassin is to be able to burst and get out! Or make her passive range easier to proc by reducing the radius. This would make it so she doesn’t have to go so far from the enemy before being able to proc passive dmg. Maybe give her a full shroud instead of a ring, like her old shroud, and allow it to give her the old blink forward she originally had. Like Jesus, at this point it’s not even a nerf, it’s destroying her play completely.
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