Riot Fearless on the Jungle Changes (+ some feedback)

"I won’t comment too much on 8.10 directly, as we’re very early and I’m not overly involved in monitoring those changes right now. I will say that it’s rather expected that junglers will not enjoy changes that did target reducing their early influence on lanes. We’re asking players to relearn timings and strategies that feed directly into their window of greatest power. Delaying that window, changing the power dynamics, and requiring players to experiment and learn new things are all painful for a lot of players. I can say that we did anticipate this. No one working on these changes was new to changing the jungle, or did these changes without quite a bit of testing. Sometimes, we have to fix large enough problems that we have to be comfortable with these sorts of costs. I would ask,to anyone unhappy about these changes, be constructive. We want to understand the impacts more than anyone, and despite all our internal testing, we can never compete with the information we get in our first day of live, not to mention the actual patch week. We’re scrambling to take in as much as we can, to read player reactions wherever we can find them, because we want to make this game as good as we can make it. The personal attacks can be really draining, the circle jerking uninformative, and the down voting points of disagreement just means that we get even less value from some communities where we’d really like to engage. I know this is mostly shouting into the void, but better than being quiet, I guess. " Here's some feedback from me, personally: You had three goals: 1: increase Jungler interactivity. 2: increase Jungle diversity. 3: Decrease Early Jungler Power as to not affect lanes as much. The way you went about trying to achieve Goal 1 hurt Goal 2 (And 3 to a lesser extent). Making early dueling for scuttle crab meta made it so that only good early Jungler's have a huge advantage, therefore hurting more mid game to late game focused Jungler's (Farming Junglers like Yi and Shyv got hurt a lot). Also, Jungle paths got more predictable, meaning that assassin/invaders got buffed as they can now pull of more successful invades. The more abusive Jungler's and early Jungler's are now at the top. This isn't good due to the fact this makes games snowball more often and end earlier in a lot of cases. If you try to avoid scuttle altogether You're at a severe disadvantage now that the enemy jungle has a gold and experience lead on you. Also laner's are now participating in jungle v jungle fights over scuttle crab, I'm not sure if you wanted this to happen but it can be rather frustrating at times. All in all, I preferred the previous meta. And to commenters, please keep the discussion simple and constructive.

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