Yuumi faults lie in her design...

... and thus moving around numbers is pointless. The latest round of changes sparked controversy and achieved very little, because it's devoid of vision. The core problem of Yuumi is that she is an enchanter whose core weakness, i.e. being vulnerable, is negated by her very identity. Punishing Yuumi for being outside her host simply forces her to stay inside. I will go in a few concepts that must be implemented in Yuumi's design principles: - **Yuumi shouldn't do damage of her own**. This is a problem Riot themselves realized (source: latest patch about Yuumi). If Yuumi has damage, she sticks to an unkillable frontliner and becomes a serious damage threat nothing can be done about. The effects of Yuumi abilities should scale with her host's stats, and not her own. Yuumi stats should only empower her host's specific strengths: making a tank tankier, increasing an ADC atkspeed, boosting a mage AP. (Example: Yuumi's Q slow scales with host bonus health; Yuumi tank host only gains tot % bonus health based off Yuumi's AP). - **Yuumi shouldn't be penalized for being played outside a duo**. This is mostly about her movement speed. She isn't going to buy shoes, but then roaming, warding, and being independent is an hassle. She should get out of combat movement speed so that she performs better outside a coordinated environment. Given she's so fragile, catching her would still be very rewarding. - **Yuumi should be rewarded for putting herself at risk**. Her passive is in the right direction, and similar mechanics should incentivize Yuumi in going in and out and switching host often. Possibilities are boons shortly after an attachment, empowering stacks when hopping around, CD reductions, health costs spell casts, and more. A good chunk of Yuumi power budget should be there. Even with those changes, Yuumi problems remain, albeit mitigated. She needs a serious **design pass** thinking twice about fairness and counterplay. Also, in my opinion, with only Q and E as spells there is not enough space to make such a kit balanceable.
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