Bring back the uniqueness that old runes provided

Like right now all we have is masteries, and for ya'll noobies who don't know what I mean lemme show you what runes really are: THOSE ARE RUNES THOSE ARE GLORIOUS AND DIVERSE THOSE ARE TRULY WONDERFUL FORMS OF HOW YOU WANT TO PLAY YOUR CHAMP I'm not saying runes reforged was a bust (which some people would) but 'runes' we're just removed The things we got now are just over glorified masteries with 3 "runes" Crappy lack of fun diverse options, just bring them back and make them either 100% free or make the base form of them free so we have something to spend this BE on DO SOMETHING POSITIVE RIOT (To clarify, bring back the old runes along side the current masteries) (To all the people saying old runes weren't diverse heres a little friend ) (Edit three, because people still are mad, if runes were to come back WE ALL CAN AGREE THEY BETTER BE FREE) (Edit four, for those who never saw the old system is a runepage calculator for the old system allowing you to make custom OLD runepages)
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