So Odyssey has bugs?

If only they had somewhere to publicly test for that kinda stuff. Edit: wow for once im not downvoted to hell for posting some hard truth lol. Just adding this: PBE "might" not have caught these bugs (im referring to the missions/augments/locked at intro ones btw) but then again if not, why is it here? Like im not trying to be too hard on the devs but if PBE cant catch certain (very important) bugs then, why do we even have it other than glorified advertising via news sites and Youtube? Regardless, bugs excluded I dig the mode. A huge step up from Invasion and if/when invasion returns I hope its on this level. Edit 2.0: a full rioters explanation. > [{quoted}](name=Riot Stephiroth,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=7qs9cWgh,comment-id=0018,timestamp=2018-09-14T01:00:49.035+0000) > > I saw a few questions here about "Would PBE have caught this?" or "You're saying PBE wouldn't have caught this, but why!?" > > These are fair questions, and as the QA Lead for the Odyssey mode (and part of the team helping with the overall plan to skip PBE), I felt I could chime in here \o > > Playing shit loads of games does actually catch bugs! There are lots of bugs that are probably live that we did not catch through normal testing (hopefully mostly minor!). This applies *usually* and specifically towards in game bugs, or front end client bugs. It's very hard for PBE to catch load bugs though. > > Server and load problems are extremely difficult to test, even with tooling. It's not only about functionality, but load specifically! Player behaviors dictate a lot of how load ends up occurring on the servers we're running, and unless the mocks for load testing end up being highly accurate to the play patterns of the players, it can be difficult to properly anticipate what will happen once a service goes live. PBE is a small shard compared to our live regions, and even if we had tested it there we would have been unlikely to see these issues (smaller regions experienced much faster Mission completion times than bigger regions like EUW, NA and KR) > > We did stress the Missions system more for the Odyssey Mode than we ever have before. We had load testing internally, functionality with testers, playtesting with hundreds of testers and over 600 Rioters playing over ~3000hours (much more hours if you count functionality testing, but this is just the count for our "company wide playtest"). For these tests, we actually utilized hardware from the PBE production environment to make sure we were more accurately testing the content. > > No amount of excuses can make up for what you guys had to experience with the Missions, Augments and Emotes services on live. We worked around the clock to resolve these, but at the end of the day this was not an issue of PBE vs No PBE; However, there definitely *were bugs* (not related to Augments or Missions completing) that would have been caught on PBE. We are actively tracking these so we can analyze the worth of surprising players against the cost of player pain and play hours. > > And to make it totally clear, we are also listening intently to the sentiment around the decision not to go to PBE. Your opinions on this matter a lot to us, and if the surprise does not outweigh the cost, we are going to have to go back to the drawing board about how to surprise players with events. :) > > Thanks for all of your thoughts! > > ---- edit ---- > > PS I love that thinking emoji. But this is one of my personal faves :3
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