Can we have another mr tank item

If they are ad you can build: randuins, deadman’s, sunfire, frozen heart, frozen gauntlet, thornmail Differnt champs need different ones, but generally anyone can get deadman’s and sunfire. If the enemy is ad you only have 3 full mr options: abyssal mask, spirit visage, and adaptive helm Not only do they give less mr then the other items give Armor, their passive, while decently strong, are situational. If you don’t deal magic dmg and only have an ap mid the abyssal feels bad. If you only heal off your health regen spirit visage feels even worse; and if you are against Burst magic then adaptive feels bad too. Just wondering what y’all think, to me it’s be nice to get one more pure mr item in here. It should also be noted ap champs have more percent mr pen then ads have percent armor pen, which seems like it just adds to the issue.
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