These Jax buff are contradictory to his hyper scaling identity.

So from what I see here his early game Q cooldown is being buffed by 2 seconds while leaving his late game scaling untouched. Good, he didn't need any buffs to his late game. But what's the deal with improving his early game Q cooldown further? Let's be clear here, Jax is a late game hyper carry. One of the few true melee hyper carries in the game and is supposed to absolutely dominate the late game which he does. He is SUPPOSED to be weak early game as such in order to give him a window to be punished during. There's literally no reason to take away his windows of punishment by improving his mobility further. Jax has always been a great pick into a lot of top lane bullies (I'm looking at you {{champion:58}}, {{champion:122}}, and {{champion:39}}, and buffing his Q only makes it easier for him to stay on top of them. This buff especially hits Darius hard as Jax is going to have a far easier time getting into his Q and that's noting Darius has been sucking dick in forever now. As a Jax main I can confidently say Jax has been one of the most overpowered champs in the game ever since {{item:3161}} was introduced. Jax has had a decent early game and clearly didn't nerfs to it. He gains 40% CDR at two fucking items and then infinitely scales into the late game outclassing any single champ. Anybody who does bad with Jax in the current meta is either terrible at macro or stuck with the 'Yasuo player syndrome' where they lose every fight by expecting Jax to be able to 1v5 at all points of the game. **Tl;dr** - His early game should remain weak. He does not need early game buffs which fix his only intended weakness.
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