What do you guys think about the Yuumi changes?

I got the information from here: https://dotesports.com/league-of-legends/news/yuumi-gameplay-changes-league-of-legends but to summarize for those who don't know: Passive (Buffed): Shield Increased *New* Restores Mana Q (Nerfed): AP ratio decreased from 45% --> 30% Duration decreased from 3s --> 2s Empowered Q Increased W (Nerfed): Shared Adaptive force increased slightly Immobilizing effects put the ability on a 5 Second Cooldown Has a .2 second channel time (can be interrupted) Yuumi Unattaches if her ally casts teleport E (Buffed): No more charges 12/11/10/9/8 second cooldown Duration increased from 2s --> 3s AP ratio increased from 10% --> 30% Minimum heal increased from 60hp --> 230hp *New* Grants attack speed from 25% at rank one and 45% at rank five Movement speed buff decreased from 25% --> 15% R (No changes): When Yuumi was first released, her passive did grant restore mana however riot eventually removed it so i'm glad it's back because I run into mana problems sometimes. I think that the shield increase was unnecessary due to the E changes however only time will tell. For the Q changes I really don't mind since I never really saw Yuumi as a poke support and also the Duration was pretty long for no reason so I don't care about that either. The Empowered Q Increase is pretty nice :). For her W it sucks that it has a .2 second channel since I like to bait the enemy support into targeting me with something, only for me to attach onto my ally. The 5 second Cooldown from Immobilizing effects means shes pretty much dead if she gets hit by any long cc. For the teleport issue, I never really had my adc run teleport so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I'm really interested in how the E changes will affect Yuumi since early game it is used as a tool for escaping however it was nerfed, but they compensate for that though the Ap ratio and minimum heal buff, Not too sure about that attack speed buff. No charges suck but at rank 5 with 45% cdr the cooldown is 4.5 second so thats pretty sweet. I do believe however that Yuumi will receive more changes for balance reasons (maybe even a hotfix if it ends up that bad but I doubt it) What do you guys think about these changes though?
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