What is, in your opinion, the worst designed champion in this game?

Some of you may say Akali. Others will say Zoe. Wise people out there would probably point their fingers at Kalista, Malzahar, or possibly even Yasuo. I understand why people dislike these champions, they can be frustrating to play against, I get that. But allow me to explain why I believe that this......abomination......of a champion is, by and far, the most horribly designed champion in this game. I'm talking about this guy... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Zofk10ov20 There is nothing more aggravating than having to babysit this absurdity all......game......long. You can't duel him. You can't kite him. You can't chase him. You can't wait for him to run out of resources, because he has none. You can't burst him down, because he has a one big "NOPE" button. Everyone says to just keep him CC'd. But, you have to keep him CC'd for so damn long, that his team will likely have taken Baron by the time you can actually kill him. Oh, and if you make one mistake in the CC chain, or he just happens to have a brain big enough to buy a QSS, he just spins away, laughing at the fact that he wasted your time. People say to shut him down early, which is very easy to do. I've done it several times myself. The problem is you have to actively keep working to make sure he stays behind. Meaning, if you do that, you don't get to play with the rest of your team. You get ahead, push your advantage somewhere else, and......oh wait, there he is, already having put your tower to half or taken it completely. And then if he happens to get ahead....you just lose! Because no one on your team has the capability to go toe to toe with him. Your team can focus him down and kill him, but by the time you're finally able to, you would have taken so much damage that the rest of his team can just clean you up. All in all, Tryndamere is so......painfully.....aggravating on the fact that he demands resources to be constantly pushed towards him to make sure he doesn't take over the game. And, if at any point those resources are used somewhere else, he just sits, farms, and split pushes to the point to where he just can't be stopped. I know he is somewhat high on Riot's VGU list, and I cannot wait until that day comes. Because then, I will no longer have to put up with this ridiculously, brain dead champion.
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