How do you justify the jungle changes riot?

The role has been getting increasingly less diverse in terms of the champs that are available with very few champs at a time being decent at any given time some being prefered much more than others it seems but that isnt what i want to talk about right here. What i want to know is where is the logic in having junglers be reprimanded by taking away any all ability to farm for exp. if junglers cannont contest scuttle or gank super hard early i.e. lvl 2 they are dead in the water. But riot specifically mentioned that they were livid at the fact that junglers had too much of an impact early so this solution made no sense, you forced us to get out of the jungle sooner and into lanes too maintain pace with everyone else and then you nerfed us for doing so. Whats the point? What do you expect me to do for 20 minutes other than gank with the abysmal amount of exp provided by jungle camps at the moment? Even if you farm all your camps as soon as each respawn, which most junglers can't due healthily btw, you will be 1-2 levels behing everyone else in the game thats assuming you got one of the scuttles if you got bullied out of it by one of these fine lads {{champion:104}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:80}} then you can enjoy being useless from 3-4 levels back as they will likely proceed to follow you around knowing full well there is nothing you can do to beat them in a brawl. {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
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