Hey guysI think I'm a decent jungler and I would like to share some tips. Hopefully you will find it useful. - Time is especially important in the jungle, try not to waste any time, every second counts. Make sure your pathing/decision making is effective and efficient at the same time. Literally, every second counts and every second can have a major impact. _While this is true, it should also be noted that sometimes its worthwhile to hide and wait a bit at a lane to pull off a perfect gank, but its gotta be worthwhile, so keep practicing to get the important timing right!_ - When walking to camps and clearing camps. Keeping checking the lanes to see what you should do next. You can use the F-keys (f2, f3 etc) to help you look faster. Have a plan. (such as dragon respawning soon so gank bot then take drag etc). Don't just wing it, have a game plan. - ** Focus on objectives like there is no tomorrow. (take dragon/herald. Help a pushed lane take towers). Pink ward dragon ASAP, and pink ward herald later. In my opinion, you should always take hearld later in game after one tower goes down. Thats when you can snipe the inhibitor with it! That lvl of game changing impact is worth waiting for.** _(Quick tip on inhibtor sniping strategy: Use hearld on a tower thats hopefully already half HP down. Then you tower dive them a split second before the hearld launches itself to one shot the tower. If it goes well, you should kill enough of them for you team to secure the next tower. When its low, do the same thing, dive and keep on doing it until herald dies.)_ - Don't be afraid to sneek objectives. (baron, dargon etc). You'd be suprised at how easy it is to sneek. Like the old saying goes, "the most dangerous time is the safest time", because thats when your enemy least expects it. (and this is why you pink ward objectives.) :) - If the game is stagnated, such as you not being able to gank a lane because they are all pushed etc. Create situations so you can fight and kill them, such as invading enemy jg, go to a lane to help push a tower etc. - When ganking, don't expect your laner to cooperate 100% perfectly. Expect them to make mistakes and try to plan around them. Always ping a few times to let them know you are coming ahead of time. Try to gank in a way thats easy for your team to cooperate and not make mistakes. - Jungling is **NOT** about taking turns. You might be camping top, you might never gank top. Its situational. Do what you think is right and analyse later to learn what works and what your mistakes may be. - Do not argue. If someone is begging for ganks and goes toxic. Just mute them. Jgling is the MOST blamed role. Take advantage of the mute button. - Before the game even starts, take a look at the loading screen to see what the team comps are. Determine which lanes will be pushed early and which lanes are easy or hard to gank. Picture what the teamfights will look like based on the team comp. Try to see who will be diving your team, who you should dive, and who you should peel etc. - Don't let your guard down. Expect invades every game and counter against them! - Throughout the game, keep a look out for your team and use pings to provide early warning on upcoming dangers. Your laners are more focused on trading dmg and farming cs, so they probably won't react as fast as you can. - Try to stick to one champion, or at least a very small handful. You can't be good with everyone, and you certainly cannot come up with strategic plans effectively if you don't even know the limits/capabilities of your champion well enough. **Jungling is like a game of chess. Decision making, being at the right place in the nick of time, and game plan is everything. Try to learn something after every game and run with small steps. Practice is the key, and don't be afraid to experiment. Never stop improving no matter how high or low your elo is, and GL HF with your climb! Please _UPVOTE_ if you agree and found this helpful. :)** And if you didn't find these tips helpful, lets us know why in the comment section below! Since I'm still a silver, I have much to improve on myself! Thanks and have a nice day! :)
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