With people becoming more and more familiar with Sylas, we need to talk about AP Bruiser Itemization

Sylas is, in every sense of the word, an AP Bruiser Fighter. The only other champion in the game that could possibly be considered as one is Rumble (some could also argue Morde, but.......he's weird). Thing is, people are starting to realize that Sylas isn't as strong as he was initially made out to be. In fact, he may be quite weak. Granted, at time of writing this, he's been out for a total of 2 days....people are still trying to figure him out, especially since people have figured out that the recommended item page he has sucks. And that's what people are starting to realize is what Sylas' problem is.......he isn't weak because of numbers or what not, he's weak because there are no items that fit his playstyle. Let's imagine all of Sylas' ratios as AD, and all of his damage is physical, but his abilities still do the same exact thing. If this were the case, he would play very similarly to Riven, Aatrox, and Darius. Champions that build AD, but most of their damage is focused into their abilities. In fact, he's likely the closest to Riven, since you want to weave auto attacks in between abilities (a common combo is: E1, aa, Q, aa, E2, aa, W, aa. And it's quite easy to pull off). AD Bruisers have a very healthy set of items to build into. They include: {{item:3071}} {{item:3812}} {{item:3022}} {{item:3156}} {{item:3074}} {{item:3748}} {{item:3053}} {{item:3026}} and {{item:3078}} . There are other items that these champs do like (such as tank items), but generally, these items tend to focus on 3 major stats: AD, Health, and sustain. Now, let's see what an AP Bruiser can look into: {{item:3151}} {{item:3027}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3146}} maybe {{item:3165}} and..........that's it. 2 items give sustain, one of which has lack luster at best sustain, and the other is a hybrid item; one item that gives CDR, and it's more suited for mages anyway; and 4 items that give health, but 2 of which have passives that are very weak. In order for champions like Sylas and Rumble to do their jobs accordingly, they're going to need more diverse itemization than that. Unfortunately, we have a problem..........AP Assassins. Specifically: Akali, Ekko, Kassadin, and Fizz. All 4 of these are melee AP assassins/skirmishers, and all of them (save for Kassadin) have abused tank items in the past in order to become a hyper mobile menace that simply can not be stopped. If AP Bruisers do get their items, it is very likely that these champs will become unstoppable. So, this will require a 2 step process....first, give AP bruisers the items they need. Yes, at the moment, there are only 2 of them (3 if you somehow count Morde), but that only means that there is plenty of room for growth in this specific subclass. Any future AP Brusier will only fall into the same hole that Sylas and Rumble currently sit in. Second is tweak the AP assassins so that they don't abuse the items that the AP Bruisers need. Akali I think would actually be ok out of the 4, if you are to leave her the way she is (with the incoming Shroud nerfs). It would solidify her as a skirmisher, and she'd actually feel like a real champ again! Ekko and Fizz will definitely need more of their power shifted into their ratios, Ekko especially. This, however, will make Fizz's laning phase even worse than it historically has been, so, it might be wise to add in some extre minion damage to his E possibly. Kassadin is a weird cookie, since he scales off of mana. I guess if there are any items that come along that give mana, then he may need to be looked at. I am *really* enjoying Sylas, especially since his gameplay allows me to use my 5+ years experience in a new unique way that hasn't been possible before. However, if we want to keep him as an AP bruiser, and not make him just some special Ekko clone, the game is going to need to change around him (and Rumble). P.S. For those of you wondering about Katarina, she needs to work more than the other 4 in order to get to her targets, while also having no way of locking down her targets. This is why she will likely be very minimally impacted by these item changes. There could be an item that comes around that some people might enjoy building on her (possibly like a Death's Dance equivalent), but she likely won't be a problem.
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