Victorious Skin Line

We finally know exactly how Riot chooses the Victorious skin each year | Dot Esports
Each year in League of Legends, near the end of the season, players try to predict which Victorious skin will be announced. After seven seasons, some fans picked up on some patterns, like Riot never chooses two of the same role in a row, but it's only been guesswork up until now.
I will start by stating this article is from Season 7 when Graves was announced for the Victorious Skin. according to the article the champion with the most impact in spring, that doesnt have victorious skin, Conqueror or Worlds Championship Skin get chosen.. Now People in past few days been complaining how Aatrox got chosen and how just as photo it looks like Justicar Aatrox. Not many people's threads gave an solution, They complain and say Climbing in Ranked was an utter waste of time.. Here is my solution * If Champion is chosen by this Article says "Most Impact in Spring" * Each Role : Top, Jungle, Mid, Support, Bottom have Champion that had impact in spring * If Riot doesn't want give us Victorious Skin Token to unlock previous Victorious Skins * Then why not let the Player base from every region vote for the Champion with the most impact in Spring from Each role So for example lets say Akali, Reksai, Jayce, Kai'sa, Tahm Kench had the most impact spring 2020 we vote for one of those champions for Season 10's Victorious Skin.. meeting the criteria of Not having a Victorious Skin, Conqueror or World Championship Skin (Example: Victorious Janna, Conqueror Varus and Championship Ashe).
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