Stop blaming the jungler

As a mid laner, please stop the "better jg wins" bull shit. I just started spamming Kayn jungle because I recently grew an interest in that champ. I used to jungle a couple seasons ago so I'm kind of re-learning the pathing and what not. With that said, I've noticed A LOT of laners DO NOT PAY ATTENTION to anything. * I've spam pinged them when a jungler is on their side or on the way to gank them. Do they back off? Hell no! Perfect time to engage and give up a kill or two. * Do they ward potential gank routes so they have vision? Hell no! Better to play with the excitement of not knowing who's where. * Do they help protect OUR jungle and punish anyone who tries to invade? Hell no! Gotta get those lane minions, then maybe show up to "help". * Do they help secure objectives (drg, baron, etc.) or at least threaten to defend them? Hell no! Gotta clear this upcoming wave, then maybe go check out what's happening. * Do they play safe and freeze the wave if they're being camped or losing? Hell no! Keep shoving, over and over! I'm not prefect by any means. My jungling sucks balls (imo). But it's opened my eyes to how little laners pay attention to the whole map! It's their lane or nothing. There's maybe a few times the jungler could have made an impact and is at fault, but I noticed most of the time the laners are the ones making mistakes. Very simple ones too, but they're too tilted to correct them. As much as I have been enjoying playing Kayn, I can see why people don't like to jungle. Take responsibility for your own short comings as a laner! It's NOT always the junglers fault YOU lost!
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