As a Main Support, I REALLY miss Frost Queen, Talisman of Ascencion and Face of The Mountain

I understand that in professional scenario {{item:3092}} {{item:3401}} {{item:3069}} are superior to {{item:3312}} {{item:3309}} {{item:3306}} due to their vision power. However, I have my reasons to believe active-support items should get a chance to get back in the game. 1 - For a whole season they had both coexisted. Active-support items are not redundant in comparison to ward-support items since they have different objectives. 2- Less than 4% of playerbase is above Diamond. I'm quite sure that the **great majority **of your playerbase would make better use of {{item:3312}} over {{item:3092}} , since their and their teammates abilities of properly using great amount of map vision is inferior to their abilities of using shields/movement speed/movement debuffs in the right situation. Which takes to number 3, 3 - When both {{item:3312}} and {{item:3092}} coexisted {{item:3312}} was clearly more popular in most tiers. 4 - Excluding {{item:3312}} , that got replaced by {{item:3905}} (Several season ago {{item:3905}} was replaced by {{item:3312}}, what an irony), {{item:3309}} {{item:3306}} doesn't have similar replaces in terms of attributes. {{item:2065}} became an {{champion:8}} item. {{item:3800}} became an {{champion:6}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:122}} one. {{item:3050}} is not really that usefull unless you're {{champion:497}} , meaning only {{item:3107}} reached a stable position among supports. 5 - Support itemization became expansive since supports need to buy 2~3 items to early-game impact tfs instead of one . It's rare to see a {{item:3222}} being used by non-{{champion:16}} supports anymore. And it should be a core item in the heavy cc meta. But games got shorter and supports don't usually have time for buying it anymore. 6- No one really upgrades the ward item nowadays. It's not worthy. lvl3 ward support items are a total flop, everyone stops at lvl2.

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