Riot just trolled itself with yuumi rebalance....

Remember how everyone thought {{champion:350}} was gona just be a troll champion that just always sat on a shoulder not really doing much to contribute to the fight? Well.... It looks like with these rebalances, Riot wants exactly that. Now, granted you still have to hop off to get your shield and thats true. But once its on its on till you need it again unlike with the mana sustain and please, dont get me wrong here; poke Yuumi needed a nerf. But all this is gona do is stagnate gameplay for Yuumi, give opponents less chances to stop what shes doing (Cuz i dont need to hop off even half as often anymore....) and all-in-all YUUMI IS LOSING HER IDENTITY AS A CHAMPION. If you want a healer there are others that do it better as you can just heal without trying to drop it on the 40% mark. The avg sustain is > than yuumis but yuumi has more counter burst heal. The problem is... Ignite. Ignite wants to trigger at the 40% margin too and this flat out means when you REALLY need a heal, yuumi cannot deliver due to {{item:3165}} {{summoner:14}} {{item:3123}} This means that there are just other champions to grab besides her. Yuumi Q is now the last skill to max, first to get to get full use from her Mana Regen 1% missing mana rune and proc {{item:3303}} -Its useless unless you are going full AP or the game has made it to level 16. My gripe here is thus- She doesnt do well enough what riot wants her to and she already had only 3 active skills in the first place. We now have 3 active skills and one of them is almost useless till 30Min and another thats also pretty bad (W) untill 30min. So we get our choice of going E or pressing R to listen to "You cannot learn this skill yet!" Now, all im going to do is sit on a shoulder all game unless theres an all-in and then ill proc the shield and hop back on once that whole fight. Otherwise, I wont jump unless I need to heal or support a gank. You were talking about lack of counterplay; heres the uncounterable heal-stick of suck. xD

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