Don't blame urf for dropoff, many of my friends quit due to FOMO burnout

GET THE SEASON PASS BOYS, GRIND GAMES BOYS, GET THAT GOLD RIVEN SKIN OH WAIT THAT EVENT IS OVER GET THE NEW SEASON PASS, GET THAT GOLDEN VAYNE SKIN BOYZ OH NOW THAT THAT EVENT IS OVER HERE BUY ANOTHER SEASON PASS BOYZ Meanwhile.... Balance is out of wack, all the skins are going to the same champs, top lane is rotting, mid lane is rotting, bot lane is rotting, everything 1shots everything else but due to different speeds of execution of the 1shot combo certain champions are just 10000% better Meanwhile..... We got november game sales on steam, a kickass event in blizzard Idunno man, I'm out, don't blame urf, this game is a joke and ranked just hasn't meant anything to me in over a year main account worth 5k (Started it in 2012, this was my main game that entire time)
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