Playing ranked again has me excited for the new ranks

I stopped playing ranked for a while because I was busy with college and work. Now that I have time again, I find myself tilted beyond belief in some games because of the difference in people that low ranks have. To be bad is fine, it's gonna happen, hell even I am bad. But the difference between someone in high silver and low bronze still being in a game together is insane sometimes. Just as an example, Kayle jungle flamed our team for doing no damage when she has barely any more damage than Sona in the end game stats. And that is not a one time thing, lots of people have those players. And I really hope that spreading out the players a bit more will make silver a bit easier because yes there is skill, CSing and getting fed win. But it is hard to do that if you have teammates who don't allow you to carry be cause they are doing so poorly. Again, doing bad is not wrong, some people are just not that great. But someone who plays at a gold five level who just demoted should not be in a game with someone who got bronze one and just finished their first ever placements. Spreading the ranks out will hopefully do a lot to improve the ranked experience for silver players.
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