Unpopular opinion but it needs to be heard

Before I go on, I love almost all the new games that were teased, especially the fps game, because I've been playing cs for as long as I have League. The only ones I didn't like were the mobile/console versions, because in almost every instance of a game going to different platforms, it just eats at resources and time that could have been spent on the actual game itself. Now onto what needs to be heard. This 10 year anniversary was for Riot games and not for League of legends. The only thing they announced for league of legends was that urf is coming back and it's not the trash arurf that nobody who played the game before arurf came out, enjoyed. Before you guys go into the comments and say "well they announced all the pre-season stuff", this is not new and it is not in celebration of league's 10th year at all, this is just normal stuff that was tagged along like the esports part and the new champion. I was hoping that Riot would come through and make some amazing 10 year celebration, but we were left with some shitty loot instead, and not even some missions we have to do or something interactive, it's literally just log in and claim it. Agree with me or not, it is nothing new that the game has been broken for a long time now, and Riot either hasn't understood what the community wants, or they just don't know how to do it. Many of the decisions that were made like the runes reforged, new champion designs that are unhealthy and toxic to the game like Zoe and Akali, taking WAY too long to fix the absolute cancers that plagued league of legends like Akali and her overloaded kit, Viktor top, 8.10/11, refusing to admit they made a mistake and just reverting things, and a whole plethora of other things. If you played the game since seasons 1-4, you will know that the game has changed, and for almost everyone, not for the better. It's somewhat hard to find these people now a days because most just up and quit when things weren't being fixed, and I am not expecting much because the people who would genuinely understand are gone, but I hope you guys can at least hear me out and maybe do some research. For example, a start would be watching Uberdanger's most recent video about the 10 year anniversary, as it goes over a lot of what people are/were frustrated about, but it is not a perfect example. Please Riot. Streamers, major personalities, and the general community have been saying things like "this season has been the worst of all time" for the past 3-4 years now and things aren't getting any better. Please reach out to the people that actually play the game, and pay attention to how the game is being received. I love League of legends and i'm probably not going to quit again anytime soon, but seriously, this is hurting my soul to keep watching as the game I grew up loving slowly fades and meshes into a game with less and less enjoyment and creativity as each season passes. And I know what the comments are going to say about this "but I love the game casually, and I don't even play much ranked at all", trust me when I say this, or even just look up old youtube videos from 2014-2015, this game used to be super fun, trying out new shit and inventing new things with a group of friends and genuinely having a good time. Sadly, now the game is mainly either just lowkey tryharding and having fun while winning, or losing and having arguments or just not having a good time because the 5-1 Kha Zix just one shot you with little to no counterplay. If you never got to experience all the fun game modes like Dominion, Ascension, One for all, Dark star thresh, Nemesis Draft, Odyssey, Nexus Siege, etc... I genuinely feel sorry for you, but at the same time, I am fairly confident with how the game is now, most of these game modes wouldn't be as fun. What I mean by this is Ascension was one of my favourite game modes when they released it. You had to run around the map in a dominion-esque manner and collect the crystals while fighting the enemy, gaining points for kills and crystals. There was a massive Xerath in the center that did a lot of damage and was essentially the baron of the game mode. The person that dealt the killing blow would gain increased size, , mana/energy cost reduced by 100% and a massive buff to all basic stats like damage, armor pen, cdr, etc... If they were to bring this back right now with everything they have in the game now, champions like Akali, Mordekaiser, Pyke, etc... would just make the game infinitely less fun and make it a game of who can pick the most broken champions, which to be fair is pretty much just what summoners rift is like right now. They said they were bringing back URF, and not arurf, so I am fairly confident (I would love to be proved wrong) that it will be a shit show of people picking champions like Zoe, Akali, Mordekaiser, Qiyana, etc... and just stomping everything because of how toxic their kits are. Old Garen was one of the strongest in URF because his e stacked everytime you used it, so if you just kept spamming e, you could have 3 going at the same time all ticking up damage at the same time, and with how Garen is right now, it will be funny watching him kill you in 0.1 seconds by just walking over you. I can only imagine how these new champions are going to play out and how many people are going to complain, but as I said, I would love to be proved wrong.

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