Quick reminder of why tank items suck.

You have to account for armor being reduced by 24% and then by a further 35% every game. You also have to account for mr being reduced by 32+40% every game. After doing that. This is what a tank item looks like. In raw stats. Deadman’s plate 29.64 armor 425 health 2900 gold spent 1705 gold in stats. Spirit visage 13.8 magic resistance 450 hp 100% base health 10% cdr 2800 gold spent 1982 gold in stats These aren’t “oh, the enemy went out of their way to build these items to deal with you.” No. These items are in EVERY game regardless of whether or not a tank is in the game. A mage is ALWAYS going to build a void staff. Doesn’t matter if there is no tank in the game. There is ALWAYS going to be a black cleaver in the game.
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