Small things that will improve your win chances

As a support player my best statistic is in map control. I often find myself frustrated at other roles because it seems to be something that doesn't cross their mind. I'm here to tell you, if you do this it will REALLY help your chances of winning a game. Some of these will seem really basic, but I hope I can convince you of their importance. Please know i can't add every single possible outcome in the list, as much as I'd like to. I'm sure you can figure them out :) **1. Warding and ward _removal_ ** Warding is the most important thing you can do for map control. ** SCUTTLES ARE SUPER IMPORTANT SO HELP YOUR JUNGLER GET THEM.** Having a ward may prevent a jungler from getting a successful gank, or a lane from having a successful roam, therefore causing them to lose XP or miss the chance to do something else worthwhile. Wards may prevent an udyr from sneaking an objective, or a team from sniping one from under your nose. You might see that the jungler is on the other side of the map, so it's safe to go in bot lane. Wards are number one most important. The opposite of this is true for ward removal. Removing the wards of enemies prevents them from getting all these juicy benefits. Trinkets should break down as THREE, THREEEEEEE THREE 3333333333, warding trinkets, one sweeper, and one farsight. The only time this should ever change at all is if you have a teemo on your team or you are a jungler that relies on ganks. **2. Deny it for the enemy even if it's not useful for you.** I see a lot of people pass the vision flowers because we know our jungle is clear or they can't get a safe angle to aim it in a way that's deemed useful. If that happens, who cares. Slap that flower and make the pollen unusabale for the enemy team. Do this with everything you see. If it's late game and your jungle is lit up like christmas, and you can see all of the other side's jungle camps, take scuttle anyway. That prevents them from getting it. If you ace them in their jungle, or they snipe baron and you're in their jungle, take all their camps to deny them gold. **3. Learn to play for late game.** This is antoher huge problem I see with people's mentality. "GG game is over" if there is a 3, 5 or even 12 kill lead. You need to look at your comp. If you have no late game champs then that's a problem, but if you do, start figuring out how to play around them and counter their champions. IF YOU CAN NOT SAFELY FARM, DON'T FARM, PLEASE. If you are getting dunked on top lane, and Garen is killing you when you step off your turret, don't step off your turret. The most important thing you can do if it's impossible for you to farm, is not feed and get XP, and roam if you won't lose a turret and it's beneficial. It's a boring way to play, but it will be oh so satisfying late game when you're acing their team because the jungler got other lanes fed. **4. Stop thinking your lane is the only one that matters.** It's not. Not even close. If you are getting slammed on top lane and the jungler is camping you, but your jungler is getting objectives and your other lanes are fed, you should have a smug sense of satisfaction on your face and prep chat for when you explode their nexus and say "At least you shut me down!" If you start flaming your jungler or saying "gg, no jungle" or xyz whatever, you are tilting your team and ruining your chances of winning. **5. If you can't get one thing, get something else.** You see this a lot but I'm not just speaking to higher elo players here. If the enemy team is doing baron and dragon is up, and you just cant contest baron, then take dragon, a turret, or something else. Slap up defensive wards and prep for their push. Don't let them get things for free. **6. Know that no matter how far behind you are, you can be useful**. Even if you're just grabbing scuttles, warding, or clearing wards, you're helping your team. **7. Trust your support's calls** Good supports have eyes on the back of their heads. You have to focus on farming, they are watching the map (ideally) if you get pinged that someone is coming up, take heed and back off for a second. If they are spam piinging baron, go ward it, because for some reason they think it's being done. **8. Help your jungler** If you see your jungler being ganked go to the jungle and help them if it's on your side. You goon. **9. Help your support clear wards.** Sweeper only lasts so long. If a support sweeps make sure you auto attack wards with them so they can get maximum clearing potential. **10. Shut. The. Hell. Up.** If you're tilted and you have no hope for the game, don't spread your sad mood around. Just farm, do what you can to get xp, andsomeoneeoen flames you mute and report them. Think about what you're going to do late game and how you can benefit your team in another way. If you say "GGWP" because you got ganked, regardless of if you think it should or not, it TILTS people on your team. It's so frustrating to play with somenoe who doesn't get that that the game doesn't revolve around them. So, don't be that guy. I could literally write a book about all the intricacies of map control, but I don't think anyone will read it XD. I hope this is helpful to someone. P.S {{champion:64}} you fall off hard late game. Stop taking all the kills.

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