i woke up with a epiphany about darius passive.

heres a idea about darius's passive and my idea of his new passive. current passive : after 5 stacks gives massive AD... correct? instead heres a passive rework suggestion: how about either have a attack that stacks per strike or ability (yes E counts giving AD also) the more combat stacks there are on targets the more AD it gives per stack. that way its ad given over time instead of simply avoid 5 stacks= gg behavior. that way he would have a more sustained combat oriented instead of a bursty damage figure. ofc that price would have to either reduce or get rid of his bleed since hes getting power immediately if you do keep the bleed the E/Q inner axe wont proc the bleed and it will still be limited to 5 but wont trigger a massive break in AD stats. feel free to say why this would be good or nah. yes it stacks infinitely but it goes away after some time all at once (or saps away very quickly). Edit: ImTheJuggernauty came up with a better suggestion look at his post how to preserve darius's identity while also making him still threatening.
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