"I can't help you....

As if I do, I risk letting you get the kill and then I can't carry" - Jungler That's something I've heard at least 12 times from my junglers just the past few day. Can we make that mentality reportable? Yea, you may end up with a good KDA, and yea, maybe you'll get to carry some of the games you do that, but in most games, you'll just going to lose because your lanes either lost by themselves or because the enemy jungler is actually ganking. Most junglers I have the {{champion:21}} to be paired with play by that mentality. a lot of them then flaunt their stats and say something like "shut up, just accept I'm better than you" or "why should I help you? You'll just feed the gold to the enemy". That guide from SkillCapped that tells you how to play Jax jungle? Yea, they tell you to soak XP and AFTER you get Tiamat to 1st clear the jungle before looking for picks UNLESS there's a free one nearby, they tell you that the main thing to do after you get your first scuttler is to look for a gank, and if none's available go finish your wolves and gromp, they don't tell you ignore your team for the 1st almost 20 mins completely then cry "gg no team" when you jump in 1v5. I know you can't trust team mates to play it perfect, that they will throw games, and that you can't trust them to initiate, BUT you need them to win the game. Some games you can go 1v9, but most games you can't, 1v9 when everyone else is feeding, you need to help the team, especially if you're the jungler. If you have the damage to save a team mate AND get a kill when you're there, do it. If you're Eve, your ult's up because you just got 6 a few seconds ago, you're in Demon Shade so your E is empowered, don't just sit next to your ally, where the enemy can see you until your ally dies, to just then ER and get the kill yourself, you can time your R to get the kill for youself anyway, but if you actually try to help, your team mate doesn't die, making it so the enemy doesn't get any gold, and your laner gets some extra gold/xp from the minions he would've lost by being dead. No matter how much you hate your team, and trust me, almost every game there's someone, most specifically the jungler, making me think "he deserves to lose this game so badly", and most people would just stop trying, but news flash, they lose, you lose too, and regardless how much they deserve to lose that match, YOU NEED THE WIN, so play your best to win the game, help the team win, as you most probably can't win without them. So many cry "I always get idiots, they lose their lane, feed, etc", but, how many of you are actually helping. Your mid is hard camped? You don't need to go gank mid, go gank top or bot, put some pressure on the other lanes so your mid has some breathing room. Ward the map, don't just say "I'm Evelynn, I have invis so I don't need to ward", there's more to the game than YOU. Stop throwing winnable games because of your ego.
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