Decision making is all you need to climb

You really only need to have exceptionally good mechanics past high diamond. You can even get up to mid diamond with gold level mechanics. That's why this game can be so hostile because you have players who rely largely on mechanics but they make terrible decisions mixed in with players who have great decision making and on-the-spot thinking but are really below average mechanically. And that combination can be highly combustible. So while mechanics are fairly important, decision making is something I'd argue has a much more meaningful impact in most games. Even if decisions seem bad, if you go with them you'd be surprised how often bad plays/decisions work just because everyone makes the decision to follow up. There's really not much of a point to this thread, just that I'm ass now because I barely play anymore and I can still carry games in mid plat by just making good decisions despite how awful I've gotten mechanically. So uh, buff nasus, JAX, vlad, gangplank, malphite, shen and someone else I play that i cant remember atm oh yeah buff olif
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