I heard LoL were looking into state of the gameplay from a streamer and wanted too give my thoughts

* Writing this mainly because EUW is down. The game has many lower level problems, everyone has their opinions. There are also many things that could be done in regards too higher elo too make streaming more healthy. It can be problematic/scary for new players too deal with toxic smurfs when they are leveling. BUT to me, these are minor problems, and the global problem with LoL is actually that Riot OVERPRIORATISES Summoners Rift itself, arguably due too the LCS, and in the long run, this overprioratisation could result in League getting left behind as new games are released with next-gen mechanics. Chess may have been created 1000+ years ago, but how many people play it today? In that same vein, Summoners Rift might still be played 10 years from now on, but how many people will play it? The mode has been released for like 10 years already, and is arguably solved, and is getting stale for most of the playerbase. It was revolutionary for it's time, but it's getting on 2020 now. Items change, a few champions are released, new skills/features are added, minor jungle changes happen, BUT overall the game and underlying mechanics doesn't change much. This is fine in the short run and overall the game itself is still fun, but you have to recognise that video games is a competitive space, and people are always trying too generate novel experiences. The casual emergent chaos that comes from large scale battle royale games is one of these fun experiences discovered. The release of Nexus Blitz and other rotating game modes is a good sign that Riot is recognising that they need too consider alternatives. My problem, and the one I want too raise, however, is that these game modes are still relatively small scale and usually limited too 5 vs 5, and usually limited too 1 team vs another team - resulting in just 2 outcomes. They vary in mechanics, but they aren't necessarily that different too much. Due too their being just 2 outcomes, 1 team wins, and the other team loses, the game becomes solved very quick, which isn't helped by the small maps usually crafted for the mode, and hence macro variance is limited, resulting in minimal variance in the long run. People quickly start realising they need too pick certain champions, certain things and so on. In Battle Royale games, depending on mode, the outcomes are way more diverse since many teams can win, and their independent movements across a huge large scale map determine outcomes. MOBAs beat MMOs because they offered more variance. Battle Royale games are beating MOBAs because Battle Royale games are offering more variance. If a League game mode with a large map, but instead of generic 2 vs 2, had say 10 different teams trying too win, or alternatively, a League game mode had a very large map, and hence macro became incredibly important how much more variance could result? The point I am trying too put across is that Riot needs too move outside their comfort zone, and consider larger scale maps/games where many teams sign up and any of them could win, or possibly even larger team sizes, instead of settling for small 'experimental' game modes. There is no need too get rid of Summoners rift, as there surely is a space for the game, but Riot has enough $$$ too consider alternatives that would appeal too other types of gamers that find many problems with generic summoners rift games (for me mainly, the problem of feeling locked into a lost game for 40 mins). That or some company eventually will. Arguably this is something that is just too 'technically'/'creatively' difficult for this generation. And instead will come about next-gen.
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