am not sure why bother building more than 1 or 2 tank items

when no matter how hard you try. your dying in 3 seconds. full ad team? stack armor. still die in 3 seconds, the enemy support is behind. alone can do 30% of your tank ass health Literally love playing games with 3800 hp, steraks shield and still die in 3 seconds. because the balance team can't really figure it out anymore. I don't remember the last time anyone actually tanked anything. like at this point just build 1 armor and one MR item. so you dont get poked easily. and stack damage. there is no damn point to build more. the first tank item increases my tankiness by 30%. second one? 20%. third one? 15% or less. so whats the point really?. Tank items both Scale down because its a linear increase. and they also AREN'T SLOT EFFICIENT. most tank items have negative gold worth compared to their stats? Why is that? no fucking wonder tanks are worthless. what is their purpose at this point? a 6 item maokai won't survive more than 3.5 seconds in a team fight. i bet you they will try to bring tanks into the meta by buffing their damage up the ass too
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