How is it possible I keep having teams who have 0 interest in dragons/baron/herald ?

I am high silver and that is not a very high elo but also not the deepest darkest hells of iron or something. Yet I keep finding myself being stuck in teams (**Ranked, solo duo**) where people have absolutely z-e-r-o interest in drakes / baron / herald. They don't care, simply don't want to make time for it or refuse to help at all. i'm a support main, i can't solo these objectives. I need help from others. I always make sure the objective is warded with a control ward. However, it doesn't matter because my team don't want to help get it . This means often the enemy gets all drakes for free. this is what I usually hear: - not now, no mana/smite (they never have mana/smite ??) - no, it's not important. focus kills / farm instead. - herald is useless, let it go - no, we will do it later. (never happens since the ENEMY gets it but this seems to be hard to understand ) - not risking my life for it - we can't do it, enemy is too strong (Woah that's weird after they got 2 infernals and 2 clouds) - don't try baron, we lost anyway It's unbelievable how often I see the enemy team getting all drakes with no problems at all, they get it for FREE while I'm begging to focus my team simply mutes me. What can I do? {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
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