It has been a painful climb this season Riot, and I'm honestly done with your matchmaking/balances.

Before you simply concluded "Negative Confirmation Bias blah" "you're tilted", this is the sum total of the experiences throughout the recent 4 months, not just a momentary-based rant. You can slowly improve yourself and climbed from Plat 4 to Plat 1, then once summer hits the kids will slowly chip you down back to Plat 4. It's painful. It's more painful when you figured out it was the kids who are dragging you down. It has already been 10 years and leaving after the 2:00 mark is still a thing in Yoloqueue. **How do you tell they are kids, you asked? **You can easily differentiate them as they are simply a walking radiator of flames and rages, with occasional inting mixed in. You can have the most self-centered {{champion:236}} on this planet, after loading into game, would suddenly start an argument with his support and runs to mid-lane at the 1:15 mark claming he is having "communicate issues" with bot lane partners and proceeds to contest your mid lane farm. You are then matched with a {{champion:223}} support who are on 4 games win streaks, openly admitted he's "elo boosting this account for money". Yeah and right at this very game he suddenly switched to {{item:3117}}, running it down mid and stated **"Sorry my main account is Master, I can climb. But my client tweaked the offers so I will have to drop this account back to Plat 4. Sorry folks Ill have to bring you down"** "Ugh you have to 1v9 carry these F*ckers" you say. Good luck carrying this {{champion:223}} who saves W only to interrupt your R {{champion:90}}[/img] And once you finally crawl back to BO here comes the main dish[/img] You can pair with the most dedicated inting team that decided to keep getting caught individually by either {{champion:22}} R or {{champion:39}} Your {{champion:498}} can still get hit by {{champion:22}} R with {{summoner:4}} and R up. Oh and yeah she got deleted before the stun duration ends and hence the unused stopwatch{{item:2419}} because Riot loves damage. Oh and before you say about grevious wounds I built {{item:3165}}, does not matter because Conqueror is a very balanced rune Or lets say[/img] Have fun carrying this duo who still refused to put wards after getting ganked by lv 4 {{champion:2}} 4 times in a row. Like seriously can you believe a lv 5{{champion:2}} can already be 5/0/0 and its all from bot lane? Not to mention the Olaf is clearly a smurf with win streaks as {{champion:2}} and is definitely a dedicated disciples of Tarzan. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And btw Platinum are so full of boosted supports who clearly abused the Ardent Cancer {{item:3504}} to Diamond in s7. Seriously how could a {{champion:267}} main ends the game with only a crowd control score of 8?
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