With Kleptomancy removed, what will happen with Ezreal?

{{champion:81}} is incredibly inconsistent throughout his long history. Some times he is insanely OP to being insanely trash. With the release of Kleptomancy {{champion:41}} and {{champion:81}} dominated the meta, however with that removed what will happen with Ezreal? The ADC role itself isn't the most diverse with the only others being{{champion:145}} {{champion:498}} (sometimes {{champion:51}} and {{champion:22}} ) being dominant in competitive. Kleptomancy was an incredibly OP keystone on Ezreal as not only does it give a nice boost to his gold, but also grant items like Mana boosts and wards which is crucial for his laning. Literally the only other keystone I think is viable right now is dark harvest, electrocute, and fleet footwork. But none of them are going to be ever close to how compatible and powerful it is with Ezreal. RIP {{champion:81}} {{sticker:sg-ezreal}} {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
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