Is Camille balanced/is her kit overloaded? (Genuine question)

Hey guys, CamilleIsDumbOmegaLul here back at it again with more posts about how unfair League of Legends is and how I deserve challenjour gg. Today I want to talk about Camille. I'm pretty sure we're all very familiar with this champion. The sassy Attack On Titan-Edward Scissorlegs MILF trapped in a Grandma's body with thighs of a goddess and knives for legs. But I'm not here to talk about prime waifu material, alright? (people who think she's attractive, what's wrong with you?) I'm here to try and get an answer to a question I've been holding on to for a while: #IS CAMILLE BALANCED? ... O- or: #IS CAMILLE'S KIT OVERLOADED? Let's find out. Kit: 1. She has a passive shield that like fucking 205195105 billion iq determines what type of damage the enemy is going to dish out the most of and then gives her a shield against that for **20% of her maximum health** if she lands a basic attack on that champion. In the early game, this has 16 second cooldown so unless you're playing Caitlyn top with 650 range it becomes practically impossible to trade against her. In the late game, this just gives her free defense for engaging although it'll probably only proc once before she has pentakilled the entire enemy team. 2. She has an auto attack reset. That gives her 50 more range. That deals %AD bonus damage. Grants her movement speed. And can be recast for a second time. Second cast, the damage is doubled. And **40-100% (based on level) of the damage is converted into true damage.** And all of this, costs only 25 mana. And she can do it every 9 seconds in lane. 3. She has a cone shaped attack that's almost the same range as Caitlyn auto attack range (610). But wait, there's more. The cone is separated into two parts. The inner cone and the outer cone. The inner cone doesn't do anything other than damaging enemies. However, enemies hit by the outer cone **Take percentage maximum health physical damage, are slowed by 80% decaying over 2 seconds, and Camille heals for all damage dealt.** Damage is capped for monsters though. 4. She has a grapple move. First she shoots a grapple outwards with a range of up to 800. If the grapple collides with terrain, Camille then dashes towards the terrain and locks herself in place, gaining a new ability. The new ability allows her to jump off the terrain and dash in whatever direction she chooses with 400 range, damaging and stunning the first enemy hit. **Dashing towards a champion doubles the range and gives Camille free attack speed for 5 seconds.** 5. She has a Jarvan ult 2.0. She becomes untargetable and dashes towards the target. When she lands, she interrupts the target, knocks back nearby enemies and creates a zone around the target. The target cannot leave the zone by any means and Camille's auto attacks deal **percentage maximum health magic damage** as long as she is within the zone. The zone can be ended prematurely if Camille dies or leaves the zone. So to recap: 1. A free % maximum health shield. 2. Auto attack resets that give additional range to hit people from farther away, movement speed to catch up to people and **true damage.** 3. An AOE attack that deals **% maximum health physical damage, a slow to catch up to people EVEN FASTER, and a heal** to sustain her in lane. 4. A free dash that's longer than Caitlyn's auto attack range that gives her another dash that allows her to deal damage, stun, and give her attack speed upon hitting an enemy with it. Oh and the range is doubled against an enemy champion on the second dash. 5. An untargetability ability that interrupts the enemy, knocks back other enemies, creates an area that the enemy can't leave, and gives Camille's auto attacks **% maximum health magic damage.** Now here's my question for today: Is this okay? Honestly, I might just be biased here because I constantly get trashed by Camille players, but I want the opinion of others. So I'll be leaving a poll down below where you can vote what YOU think about Camille. Feel free to leave a comment as well detailing what and why you think she's balanced.
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