Evelynn: The Assassin With No Gap Closer

The title says it all. When you take a look at every assassin in this game, you begin to work out a formula these champions share for the most part. A skillshot or some form of ranged poke or cc, a gap closer, a blink or dash to help close the distantce towards the target, and the nuke or assassination tool. Evelynn has the skillshot in the form of her Q (which currently does no damage to anything thats not a jungle monster by the way), the assassination tool (her e, which does a fair amount of damage), but no gap closer. She has perma stealth after six, but the stealth detection range has been increased drastically for some reason (as if making me wait till 6 to use my stealth wasn't already a good enough nerf), my enemies can see me coming much earlier now and I can't chase anyone down because not only don't I have my old W movement speed boost, you actually nerfed her base movement speed from 340 to 335. So, i ask you, how am I suppose to get on to anyone? Proc W? When its charging up they just walk away and I am currently too slow to give chase and my Q's range it actually not that great. Its not like my Q has Nidalee spear range or Lee Sin Q range. The empowered E is suppose to act as some form of gap closer but the range is pitiful, its basically an auto attack, which makes no sense consiering her lashers look to be twice the length of her entire body. I just don't get it, it doesn't make any sense. I see that on the PBE you increased the damage on her Q and her E but thats not the problem. The problem is that I have to blow flash during later teamfights most of the time to close the gap on a target where as others assassins have the tools they need to get to their target ingrained into their kit. Maybe if you returned her stealth detection range to its pre-reworked state and bumped up her movement speed to 340 again, then MAYBE that would help but currently Evelynn is just the worst assassin in this game. What kind of assassin can't get the jump on a target? They even know I'm coming most of the time because of the ridiculously long charge time I have on my W. Not only that, my Ult CD is currently more than 2 minutes. That is basically her only form of gap close/escape. Without it, don't even think about trying to fight anyone unless you're fed. You said at the beginning of this rework that you were trying to turn Evelynn into less of a feast or faminine champ but these changes just exascperated the issues. I ask rioters, are you're aware of these issues and are you going to fix them any time in the future? Or are you going to leave her in an unplayable state like you did those years ago? When picking Evelynn could actually get you banned and you stated as such?
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