Where is this Akali rage comming from?

"oh no!! they're nerfing my champion because of pro play!!" "nerfing a X% win rate champion" Akali is incredibly overpowered when played by a skilled player. Don't try to get statistic, don't try to search further than what it is. Akali mains that played the champion hundreds of times above master have like 60%-70% win rate on her. It's like {{champion:268}} over and over again, where people refuse to get good on the champion and blame high elo/pro play for nerfing their broken champion. This is not going to change, {{champion:268}} was always like that and will remain like that. Akali is an other example of a champion balanced around skilled players just like how {{champion:35}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:19}} are balanced around low elo and got nerfed despite never being OP in pro play. People need after so many years to understand that in every moba, you have characters balanced around different tiers of MMR. 6.86 Arc Warden in dota2 had 30% win rate and got nerfed because of fucking Alexthefool who had **94% WIN RATE ON HIM** in high MMR. If you want to play Akali, don't complain about her nerf and try to become better at her.

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